Well J and I are back from our very different weekends… Mine, a drunken farce involving evacuated train stations, lost cabs, missed planes (that were still on the runway) and a piece of buttered bread (apply to face – recall memory of drunken acts on previous night) – mail me and I’ll tell you ALL about it.

I also found out that Gaelic Football* is a lot like Tetris, but without the falling blocks. It’s also very similar to taxidermy, but without the animals or the stuffing… (etc. ad infinitum)

Meanwhile: J had a most loverly weekend of natural sightseeing.

Here’s one she took earlier:

The Icelandic Blue Lagoon which is obviously well photographed.

On the pod: The medley ‘Rodeohead’ by Hard n’ Phirm – a grin-tastic bluegrass romp through Radiohead’s back catalogue. Genius. You used to be able to download it from their site, but it’s now on an album. You can get it at all good slsk stores at discount prices though.
That reminds me… I must go hunt down ‘Fitter Clappier’ from their album :]

*The final being played in Dublin over the weekend.

Sep 232005

Off to Dublin tomorrow for a pre-nuptial blokes weekend. J’s in Iceland for a pre-nuptial ladies weekend…

In the news though: “War”, “Famine”, “Iraq Civil War”, “Bird Flu Epidemic”, “Global Warming”… “SUPERMODEL USES COCAINE!!!”

*puts ‘new to web logging’ hat on*
The crispness in the air carrying the threat of winter hasn’t been evident today, although there does appear to be a few more dead leaves around.
*phones taxi*

On the pod: ‘Disco Love’ by Ian Pooley – by far his best track… a faint tinntinabulation* gives way to a filtered, seemingly distant groove that emerges into the foreground as a classy little headphone disco-fried tune. 5/5

On the tube: Reading Donna Tartt’s first novel ‘The Secret History’. I can never seem to find my place in the book on the way to work in the morning, but am getting increasingly enthralled on my homeward journey. As with another of her novels, ‘My Little Friend’, she evokes the beauty in the detail of places I have never been, but feel like I know.

*Incidentally, I’d always thought this word would make a great name for a track… and I found something similar yesterday in Xploding Plastix’ ‘Tintinnamputation’.
I’m going to give these guys a bit more of a listen. Missed them at The Big Chill this year, but what I’ve heard on their site sounds promising.

22 covers/mixes plus the original anthem by Europe in all its glory – lovingly spliced for your amusement and pleasure

I’ve put this medley up for a laugh (while bandwidth lasts):
the final countdown medley

— -… … -.-. ..- .-. . .-.. -.– –..– -.-. .-. -.– .–. – .. -.-. .- .-.. .-.. -.– — .-. .–. . .-. …. .- .–. … .— ..- … – .–. .-.. .- .. -. -.-. — -. ..-. ..- … .. -. –. .-.. -.– .-.-.-


Sep 182005

is this thing working?

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