With series 2 of Lost on hold in the US for the duration of the baseball finals, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. I read today that Part 1 of Series 2 is on sale now in the UK for £35.

I won’t suggest using a Torrent client like µTorrent to download the episodes you can find on a directory site such as Torrentspy instead. (Anyway, if you wanted to view the episodes you’d probably need DivX and the Xvid codec for your media player, or even need to download the daddy of open source players VideoLan.)

On the pod: I’m enjoying Treva Whateva’s ‘Music’s Made Of Memories’ LP – specifically the head-bobbing silliness of ‘Singalong’ and the dancehall shuffle of ‘Havana Ball’. Freshly refound stuff and he’s got a great name to boot.

It’s an indisputable fact that bouncy balls are fun. Part of the appeal of this advertisement is in thinking how much fun you’d have had making it yourself.

250,000 balls running amok down a street – count me in!
File under: very clever viral marketing. Notes: I wonder if the frog was scripted?

Oct 252005

from this years Big Chill… a live performance download. It is inspiring.

Modern self-help thought goes: ‘you don’t quit smoking’ (“Hey! It’s not a loss! You’re not a quitter! You’re not losing anything, you’re gaining something! Now hold my hand and chant with me!”)

But seriously… I’ve had some sort of ‘man-flu’ for the past month. This involved a serious chest infection, and a scary amount of coughing. I decided it was time for ME to leave smoking in my wake.

That’s why I haven’t blogged lately… I’ve been wrestling with the Marlboro Demon.

You’ll be happy to know I defeated him :)

Oct 122005

In light of recent Apple developments, I think it’s timely to re-highlight the work of Michael C Place of Build and his ‘lost formats’ series.
I couldn’t find the original web-presence for his series, but instead offer access to one of his desktops (1600 x 1200px).

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind (crop shown):

Oct 112005

Ok. I spent the weekend inside with the flu. It’s the change of seasons. When the weather turns cold and the cumulative exposure to shared handrails and breathing space with the multitude of other people on the daily commute – commute communicable viruses.

Or so it seems.

I’ve spent the last couple of days at home nursing my cough (I smoke, therefore I cough) and feeling sorry for myself, and J arrives home tonight with the news that she’s succumbed. The difference is, apparently, she’ll be off to work tomorrow as we suffer from different malignancies. Apparently, my bout of the flu, was man-flu.

It’s the first I’d heard of it, and I’m slightly chagrined. At least my affliction allowed me to curl up into a ‘man-ball’ and finish my book. 4/5

Check out this video for the track ‘Sixes Last’ by Alias. It’s the refined work of 1st Ave Machine.

Here’s a screen grab of their homepage:

Similarities to the cover of the Leftfield retrospective are entirely coincidental :]

Saw an awesome tube poster on this mornings commute… apparently Leftfield are releasing a retrospective (entitled ‘A Final Hit‘), to celebrate 10 years since the release of the seminal Leftism.

While they are undoubtably my favourite techno artist, I’m rarely in the right mood to listen to them these days. This review might be closer to the mark than I’m comfortable with admitting, yet I’ll reserve the right to reminisce with this one and again rue missing the legendary Brixton gig where sections of the ceiling fell down (the loudest gig ever to rock the venue apparently).

Meanwhile: This Guinness advert is fantastic. If you remember the Guinness “horses in the surf” advert, you’ll have enjoyed the very ‘Phat Planet’ track by Leftfield. (The synchronicity with my bonobo and Dublin logs is, again, uncanny)

So I sit down on the tube tonight… open my book… turn on my ipod and hit shuffle. Out of 25 odd days worth of music it chooses a Bonobo track to kick off with. I swear that ipods have moods, and mine was being very cheeky today.

On the box: I am addicted to ‘Lost’… if you’re up to date (ie. watching the episodes as they air in the US), then this site hopefully confirms that the creators of the show know where they are going.

Oct 032005

wow: lull updates
*adds link to permanent list*

‘on the pod’ and ‘on the tube’ join hands tonight: I’ve started reading a weighty tome by Richard Dawkins called ‘The Ancestor’s Tale – A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life‘ (630 pages without notes). It is the story of evolution told backwards. From present day humanity back in time by way of our common ancestors (concestors as he calls them) to the origin of life. I’m hooked.

The quotes that preface his book are interesting:
“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes” – Mark Twain; and
“History repeats itself; that’s one of the things that’s wrong with history” – Clarence Darrow

A co-oincidence has me finally, and properly, discovering the subtle, melodious beauty of Bonobo’s music (especially the track ‘Terrapin’ at the moment) just as I read Richard Dawkins’ chapter on our cousins, the primate Bonobo (are the respective photos serendipitous?).

Oh, and he also reminded me of one of my favourite books, ‘The Life Of The Cosmos‘ by Lee Smolin (5/5*), in his first chapter on ‘The Conceit of Hindsight’.

*I guess I have a habit of highly rating things, as no doubt, I’ll often log my favourites here :]

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