Dec 082005

I’m heading home to Brisneyland/Brisvegas tomorrow!

(Looks like somebody’s having a BBQ)

Should be packing a few hours ago :]

Watching University Challenge the other day, and one of the questions was “What do Australian’s call unkept woodland?”. I’d rather the question “What do the British call domesticated bush?”

Dec 032005
…a groundbreaking innovation (assuming it actually does what it ‘says on the tin’) that everyone will hear about created by the ‘Music Genome Project’.

The app streams (and it sounds good) a radio station of tunes based on hundreds of musical attributes or ‘genes’ present in a song that you request. Apparently it takes 20-30 minutes per song to catalogue, and the library contains more than 300,000 songs from over 10,000 artists.

“Some songs make you laugh, others make you cry. But it’s a rare and
wonderful thing to experience the song that can make you dance and vomit

“‘Flying on the Wings of Tenderness’ made me physically ill, ‘Je T’Aime Means I Love You’ had me questioning my faith in baby Jesus and ‘Everybody Sunshine’ made me punch my hand through a kitchen window pane, punch back in through the pane next to it and then punch myself in the face.”

…hilarious excerpts from possibly the funniest web page I’ve ever come across: Amazon reviews for ‘Looking for… The Best Of David Hasselhoff’.

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