Apr 192006

I’ve only heard the cut ‘Vicarious’… it’s business as usual, but they just keep refining the sound! More immediate than Lateralus I feel. I’m pissed that I won’t get to see them tour, but the silver lining is I’ll be in the Sahara Desert instead.

Apr 182006

“You are in an open field west of a big white house with a boarded
front door.
There is a small mailbox here.”

…remember games like this?

Apr 122006


Well I just woke up to the fact that it’s already April and I haven’t posted since last year. Lapsed bloggers are a big group apparently (I can’t find the link ;] ), but the Blogger Widget and Transmit Widget for Dashboard might be the ticket to more regular updates. Hopefully I can turn this into more of a dynamic running scrapbook than a rather doomed blog venture.

To start the ball bouncing in a new direction, however, here are some things that have inspired me to get back on the lawnmower…

Windows on a Mac. Massive. This changes everything.

Like the ‘Leftfield Best-of’, I’m loving the artwork for the new Massive Attack retrospective. The treatment is similar… an engaging and surreal CD cover that is in reality a frame from a short piece of motion video.

For anyone with spare time, this browser based FPS ‘Phosphor’ is truly awesome:

In this less auspicious corner of the interweb…
a site I designed: Shockabsorber Sports Bras
and another (together with the identity work on this one) Oral-B Professional Rewards Scheme

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