Sep 262006

I immediately purchased The Egg’s album /Forwards when I saw it in The Big Chill shop at the 2004 festival (been a fan since ‘Travelator’ was released). J and I had a quick drive around Herefordshire on the last day of the festival (to get away from camping for a bit) and I popped it into the player. From first listen I was hooked.

A trickle of remixes have filtered out since then, and a lot of people have taken notice of The Egg after hearing the Toscadisco remix of ‘Walking Away’.

The original album in all it’s lush, psychadelic and downright funky beauty has been re-released with a second disc of remixes. Now you can have The Egg with added disko beats!
Oh, and the album artwork has beautifully evolved too:

The highlight of this years Big Chill festival for me, The Egg blessed us with a fantastic performance which ended with the band playing live the remixed version of ‘Walking Away’. Is this a first? Plus those free Coca-Cola vouchers and the iTunes 7 album artwork feature have finally encouraged me to make my first ‘purchase’. I wonder if I’ll remember my first iTunes purchase as well as my first cassette. I won’t ask for forgiveness, but it was The Bangles :]

The most convincing dystopian vision (in my humble opinion, obviously) since ‘The Cube’, is out in London cinemas now.

It’s 2027 London, and you won’t a find Michael J. Fox riding a hoverboard in this film. A large part of what makes Alfonso Cuarón’s (‘Y Tu Mamá Yambién’) film so believable is his withstraint in envisaging this particular future. But pay attention and the detail is flawless. Quote (From ‘Time Out’): “The cars had to look like cars you see today. But, if you focus on them closely, you think: ‘yes, it could be 2027′”

Go see ‘Children Of Men’!

Sep 242006

Worth a visit if you’re interested in all things apple.

From the archives, an hilarious take on the evolving OSX GUI

Sep 242006

Those electronic pioneers Guy-Manuel and Thomas of Daft Punk may have pissed off almost everyone with their 2006 two-fingered salute ‘Human After All’ (Recorded in 6 weeks, with a first single that consisted almost entirely of a looped sample, and to quote: “we believe that ‘Human After All’ speaks for itself” – yes it does), but I can’t help but feel that genious lurks beneath the apparent laziness.

This gig looks completely mental.

As does the trailer for their (again, almost universally panned) film ‘Elecroma’, previewed at Cannes (not expected to gain wide release).

Nutters. (But what wonderful punk nutters they are)

Sep 152006

just because you may be the dog on any given day, you might be the tree trunk the next.

Sep 152006

well I’ve had a few beers this friday night, but I can unashamedly say that the Radiodread project is the best album since, well, OK Computer. Ok commuter, just get it, it’s brilliant.

Sep 062006

…by way of the ABC and the verbose stream of consciousness of an Asbergers’ ‘sufferer’ (listen beyond the protracted intro)

a wonderful rant against materialism

Online whimsy of the highest order… snakes on a plane on toast on ebay

as an aside, we’re belatedly uploading to flickr… check the sidebar.

Had a hankering to listen to Orbitals ‘Illuminate’ today. A really special song for me… Orbital seems to be the sort of act to inspire personal affinities.

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