This stunning image of a magnified snowflake crystal (using electron microscopy) is taken from the Wikipedia entry for Snow.

Way to become my new desktop.

Oct 212006

Predictably, I’m going to post about the new Sony Bravia advert:

There you go.

One observation I’ll make is that whilst fireworks involve light emission, or additive colour (RGB), this advert employs light absorption principles, or subtractive colour (CMYK). Cleverly promoting an additive colour device through the use of subtractive colour… or maybe I read too deeply into things. Actually, that’s a well known fact.

The ‘Behind The Scenes’ clip establishes the advert as “great” in my opinion, as unfortunately, the actual advertisment could pass for CGI.

The high-definition version that you can download from the site looks fantastic on my iMac monitor!…
I’m now going to go out and buy a clown suit :]

Here is a nice spoof of the original ‘balls’ advert.

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