Merry Christmas!

Avoiding a less than meaningful Christmas Day in London without family, we took a trip away to Budapest (Hungary).
We found a beautiful (‘The Paris of the East’) but ultimately sad city. In many places it bears the scars of its struggle to move away from the yoke of communism. The 1956 Uprising against the Soviets was evident in the bullet and shrapnel holes in the facades of unrenovated buildings. But aside these were beautifully restored Art Nouveau and Art Deco masterpieces.

Unfortunately, my musings on building facades are not shown in our images:

Dec 212006

Insaniquarium has been around for a while, but this Piscean has only just discovered it. It’s a damn addictive little game too. Try it at your own risk!

NB: I couldn’t get it to cache my unlocked pets in Camino/Firefox/Safari on my Mac, so if you close the window by accident you have to start all over again.

I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it. :]

Dec 212006

Anyone with a passing interest (and I have more than that) in brand identity and logo design will enjoy this blog: Brand New

As an example, this post and discussion on a recent KFC re-branding is interesting (if you like that sort of thing).

Dec 192006

In the Christmas spirit, here is the screen-saver that the Apple Stores are using in their window displays during the holiday season. (Sorry, but it only works for Mac OS X Tiger utilising Quartz rendering – hence the dodgy ‘snow crystals’ pun)


Works beautifully if you use the snowflake image I talked about earlier as a background.

An interesting image:

Yes this picture is old.

If you find a more interesting picture than this let me know.

Consciousness: that annoying time between naps.

Dec 102006

With the PS3 and XBox 360 battling it out for the uber-tech gaming platform title, the Nintendo Wii has reminded everyone that FUN [¥£$!] is the key.

Ambrosia release a fantastic (Mac based – no console required) game with both feet firmly in the FUN camp. Childhood spaceship doodles come alive… Nice :]

Sketchfighter 4000:

Dec 102006

J on the street where the tornado hit enjoying summer at the Notting Hill Carnival:

(Haven’t discussed music lately, but this is worth listening to)

Dec 072006

So J was at home today when a freaking tornado (yes a tornado!) hit an area of North London just down the road from our flat. I would have flipped out if it had hit us the day before we move home. I hope our new suburb doesn’t have a Wizard of Oz problem.

BBC coverage here.

You can see from the red dot on this map (where we live) how close it was (!):

I fear we’ll be saying ‘weird weather we’re having’ a lot more in the future.

Dec 072006

Loved the book, and now the ‘story of a murderer’ is coming to the big screen.

Stanley Kubrick once said that the book was unfilmable, but initial reviews smell good.

I was involved in designing the website for the UK release:

And an overlay banner:

Dec 052006

Plumbing new depths in my job, I had to design my first MySpace page for a client. Bill Hicks would be proud.

Photo from my lunchbreak:

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