Jan 262007

Now that I don’t have a Tube Pass, I traversed central London on foot last night. Observation: above ground is more interesting.

I ended up in Leicester Square just in time to join a random crowd, insane with celebrity-worship (tears and all), as Madonna walked somewhere.

That’s all I have to say (except that I was on my tippy-toes too, I’m tall, She looks well maintained, and I got distracted with thoughts of eating some delicious, freshly made Shanghai dumplings, down the road in a little China-Town café that we frequent).

Jan 252007

I’ve been waiting for the results from the ‘Cassini-Huygens’ probe since I repeatedly employed the BBC Planets series to send myself to sleep before it got there.

(I should add that the series didn’t send me to sleep out of boredom, but rather a contented rest based on an understanding that the human race was progressing knowledge in my absence… in other words: ‘rest-easy’)

The results are apparently in.

Disappointing, in that I could ‘Photoshop’ this image given 15 minutes, and also because I suspect this image has been heavily manipulated in Photoshop anyway. I’ll wait for the BBC retrospective of this ‘mission’ to re-instill some awe about what’s out there.

Jan 172007

I hereby declare a name for the unfortunate part of a cigarette that is accidentally broken off where the filter’s ‘butt’ meets the paper wrapped tobacco before it’s smoked. (This occurs countless times in a smoker’s life)

It’s called an “Iff”.

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Jan 052007

“Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue, to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak.” – Socrates

…yes, but she’s given us ten fingers, so maybe we should write more.

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