Feb 252007

Chinese “plastic toy” beetle.

Largest beetle? Practically a living computer mouse with legs. At this point I’m considering ‘Beetle breading’ as a hobby.


I’ve encountered the awesome ‘Rhino Beetle’ in Brisbane.

Lots of beetle goodness at: http://beetlespace.wz.cz/english.html*

* Except the ‘Rhino Beetle’. I enjoyed meeting these when I was growing up.

Polished and cinematic, “you wake-up in a room with amnesia” online game*:

It demonstrates what’s possible when you combine an ideal client with content-depth and a brief to suit. Clever, considered use of current flash technologies.

I really like the constant film-grain noise effect that blends the streaming video in with the rest of the game (negative points for the poor blue-screen masking though).

Walk-through for this bit anyone? I need to get to bed. UPDATE: Nevermind, finished!

* This game is still not a patch on my favourite online FPS RPG:
The true quest! :]

Oh, and I’ll have you know that in Ancient Rome… actually I’ve forgotten :]

Feb 062007

1. http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/magical+trevor/
2. http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/magical+trevor+2/
3. http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/magical+trevor+3/
4. http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/magical+trevor+4/

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the book (‘The Singularity Is Near’ by Ray Kutzweil)*.
I intend to though.

From reviews and word-of-mouth recommendation, it apparently deals with the very human incapacity to anticipate the results of the pace of technological change in advance. His optimistic vision (‘so I hear’ I must reiterate**), is that computers surpassing the intelligence of humans will exist by 2010. I’m sorry, but a fleeting look at YouTube comments demonstrates that it already has.

If you ask me, the filmic parable for the modernet age continues to be ‘The Cube’… the atheist perspective, if you will. Whilst ‘The Matrix’ (there were sequals??) dealt with a higher power (gruesome CGI robot overlords), it fell into the same ontological trap as religion. “The complexity of it all and our lack of control must mean there is someone acting behind the curtains!”

Occam’s Razer time: We’re advancing technology as fast as we can. But each interested party is operating on separate agendas. There’s no one directing this picture!

OK… enough of that. So exercising your computers’ processor?

I was hoping to capture an exemplary screenshot for this application, but you really need to interact with it to get the idea:

It allows you to visually experiment with maths, physics, harmonics etc., and even to contemplate aspects of current cosmological theory (relativity, initial conditions, the anthropic principle).

* The ‘acceleration of just about everything’ is obvious, and ‘Faster’ by James Gleik is a book I HAVE read and recommend.

** On the dangers of “wot I herd”: ‘Kevin Smith protests Dogma’ :]

I’m off to listen to Wowee Zowee (by Pavement) to chill.

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