Mar 182007

Lone Converse All-Star shoe positioned against the curb.


I put my camera in my pocket because I just turned 30 and was going to the pub for a wake… and this is the only photo I took ;]

Mar 182007

From my iPhoto archive:

I post this because I was pleasantly surprised when one of the guys from the Turin Brakes emailed me when his hard-drive failed (I’d posted it on their forum after serendipidously catching their gig in a random London Eye pod at Flight 5056).

Mar 032007

I take it back… I’m sorry for doubting you Cassini. Brilliant photo.

“Lightning bolt throws photographer in the air” from the *cough* Daily Mail.

I’m loving the tangential electric arcs around the palm frond to the left of the main bolt:

Mar 012007

Here is a “Children of Men” media content show-reel (‘props’ for the advertisements, propaganda and UI designs employed in the film) created by Foreign Office, and it’s an ideal insight into why the movie succeeded so well. It echoes present-day London reality, tweaked slightly for a hypothetical increasingly dystopian future.

I sincerely hope it’s not too prescient, although I worry that it is:
Foreign Office’s “Children of Men” show-reel

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