May 202007

Probably my favourite photo from our trip to Japan… Flickr photo set to follow (and to be clear, I picked the vowel-dropping domain name “Vectr” before Flickr existed).

Look at the little stone fella blowing the pinwheel! (Smiley face)

May 072007

Been mucking about with my Virb profile today (the worthy but unlikely successor to MySpace). Just poking around, there seems to be a lot of like-minded people making profiles.

Props to MyVirb and StyleVirb for starting the ball rolling in helping non CSS-wizards start customising their profiles (granted, these ‘grass-root’ sites seem to heavily involve Virb employees).

The bug-bear that is the memory of Beta vs. VHS comes to mind here (Virb vs. MySpace), but Apple has shown that a persistent fringe alternative to a flawed mainstream monopoly can exist and thrive.

Quite remarkably, Virb has added a feature to integrate external blogs (such as this Blogger based one) directly into your profile. So you can read this post on my Virb profile.

And finally, to get completely meta (“Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us” on yo’ ass… here’s my delicious ( links makin’ PageRank for my Virb profile :]

May 032007

My favourite super hero from my comic collecting days, Iron Man, is finally coming to the big screen after years of ‘will-it-won’t-it’ delays (The rights to the film were first bought by Universal in 1990). I guess I liked the fact that he didn’t have any super-natural powers, but rather designed a tech exo-skeleton which conferred all his power.

Looks fantastic too:

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