Jun 242007

No sooner had I put my web logging pen down in support of big name 90′s electronic artists (having already signed up to an ATP curated and performed at by Portishead) before I woke up to news that Underworld is releasing and touring. Happy.

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Took me a few days to get my head back together after seeing them in Hyde Park (02 Festival 2007), but what an astounding a/v show. Sure they teased, threw in plenty of breakdowns, and essentially did a dj mix of their albums with added sfx (and enough dirty, filtered, harder moments)… but out of a fuck-off sound-system with a synchronised light-show? yum.

(Rumours that they employ helmeted actors to stand in the disco pyramid don’t really concern me… whoever programmed and constructed the show is talented, and I enjoyed* watching the £25,000,000 Lord of the Rings musical without needing a special appearance by JRR Tolkien).

There are bootlegs of the show from Coachella in 2006 all over the net, but much like the last Daft Punk LP, nothing comes close to standing in the crowd fo’ real. Speaking of their last album, criticised for being a ‘rushed’ collection of repetitive songs with no more than one idea per track, it makes perfect sense in the context of a live gig where elements of various songs are woven together. It is merely a palette of musical colours to paint the live show.

*wasn’t expecting to like it… so was pleasantly surprised by how much it _didn’t_ suck.

ps. The Chemical Brothers have a good show on at the moment too… the Roundhouse gig was stellar, but that’s another story, and I’m already criticised for loving “commercial” dance music too much (I’m a sucker for high production values, what can I say).

oh, and pps… you’re right: a “nostalgic beats” label applies too. Any news on when Leftfield are reforming for a tour? ;]


Legend. (Loving the “City” analogy.)

Make sure you watch all the ‘episodes’ in the series: ask an expert

(Please, also, put aside the fact that he’s a self acknowledged manic depressive (or not). We haven’t had the final word/consensus on mental health descriptors yet… he demonstrates aspects of genius if you ask me)

Photo credit goes to Sergey Bidun I think. The context involves a zoo, a pool and a tiger (obviously), but I think we can appreciate the photo without background.

The post title is in reference to the “do not want!” meme from a supposed Chinese sub-titled translation of Star Wars III (I’ve not seen either cut BTW, the phrase has just stuck in my mind, like all good memes).


Jun 072007


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