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Jul 172007

Spent some time over the last couple of days updating our Flickr feed. Still need to work on titles, descriptions and tags, but it feels good to release a few travel snaps.

Featured photo is a classic Fiat* in front of a rustic wall in Sardinia, Italy.
I want one.

* Edit: My smart-arsed Italian mate LoSpa informs me this is actually a Renault… He knows, he owned one :]
Photo credit: Jennifer Rendell

The ‘Game’ of Falling Sand:

From the LJ.ky forum: “Man, that thing’s bonkers! I did like Miss Emmajelly, grew a big plant & then set it alight (just to watch it burn) – in doing so, I released a load of water onto that pale triangular thing (what is that, a sponge?) which quickly swelled to immense proportions. Then I hit that ??? self-destruct thing to wipe the screen but it engulfed the sponge which seemed to absorb the pink lightning & is now writhing around my screen permanently firing exploding brains everywhere while sand, water, salt & oil pour down onto it. I feel very guilty. Can’t take my eyes off it though.”

While I’ve mucked around with (and pondered the existential nature of some of the other variants after a few glasses of vino, the Blobby Angular Tumour Monster makes it sadistic fun :]

Entropy mutherfuckers!

Photo credit: Igor Siwanowicz (according to the watermark at least)

Memories of Quantum Leap and even further back Time Tunnel spring to mind.

(Thanks to Danck, posted on Filth Media)

Jul 072007

Drink lots of water and go outside for a bit.

Jul 032007

Well it’s been a damp squid so far… average mean temperatures up, rain-rain-rain. I’m building an Ark.

Link dump instead:

Having worked with Braun/Gillette for the past few years and combined with my pre-history with packaging I predicted this: The Real Thing… Really. Where do you go when you’re all out of Flux Capacitors?

Pondering the heat death of the Universe [Comic]

Insects… proper Transformers:

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