Two identical envelopes containing two identically addressed letters (printed in full colour), delivered to our door:

So what’s wrong with this picture?

The subject line:

“As an energy company we know that we have a huge responsibility to tackle climate change and we are acting now to change our business to meet this challenge. We want to help our customers to make a difference too, but we understand that it isn’t easy being green”

Despite being supplied both gas and electricity from the same company (EDF energy), they cannot combine our details into one database and send us a single bill, or indeed a single copy of their wasteful, ‘greenwash‘ junk mail.
Or how about you send us an email instead?

Nice work Andrew Edgoose of EDF Customer Services.
You’re a goose.

Oct 292007


Ok. Initial shock aside… actually, ‘aside’ is the in-built solution.

New Dock Shock? Move it to the right side of your screen and spend a day or two re-adjusting your auto-motor response “icon is here“. Nope… “icon is there!”

Lot’s of valid commentary for the overly geeky upgrader here and the waaaay too nerdy upgrader here (sourced here).

It’s growing on me already [eek! get it off!]. Nice Apple punt towards the awaiting ‘Mac Indy software developer community’ to polish, tweak, (hack) and innovate what Apple have done under the hood.

Oct 112007

My favourite track from the new Radiohead album.

My favourite blogosphere comment?

“I do love the fact that no matter what else happens today, no one will be talking about anything other than In Rainbows. If Pete wants some attention in the next few days, short of finding Maddy McCann in Winehouse’s beehive, he’s going to have to pull something really special out of the bag.”

Oct 072007

It’s real, it’s a coconut crab, it’s got a hamburger for a bum (tee-hee) and I’m not sure I like it.

While the whole world waits for the brilliantly released Radiohead album…

New Michel Gondrey

Oct 012007

Kudos to the best band on earth.
You’ll have to live under a rock for the next few weeks if you don’t want to hear that Radiohead have a new album out for digital download on the 10th of October. From their website. Pay whatever you want.

I’ll take the ‘Digibox’ please. Shipping at the start of December with two CD’s, two heavyweight vinyl records and stacks of Stanley Donwood and Tchock artworky goodness.

I might go to sleep until I can download it. (Wikipedia is quick)

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