Jun 012011

I’d like to discuss Ctenophores.

Comb Jelly

Ever since I found out about these creatures, with waves of pulsating cilia rippling on their sides reflecting luminous colour I’ve been hooked. I’ve wanted to make a viable business out of installing aquariums filled with them in homes or hotel lobbies or something. From time to time, I’ve checked via google to see if anyone else has capitalised on my pipe-dream plan, and two companies have emerged over the last decade.

One is by an entrepreneur who has gone the Apple way and devised a complete solution to the problem:

“Alex realized that he would have to address every aspect of keeping jellyfish in home aquariums from supplying the actual jellyfish to finding a more convenient way of keeping them fed and alive. In the process, he actually ventured out to the bays of California where he captured his own jellyfish specimens so that he could tank raise moon jellies for his fledgling business venture. He even grew tanks of plankton on his roof top to provide nutrients for his breeding stock and his future customers jellyfish food. As a result, Jellyfish Art now offers a jellyfish starter kit complete with three moon jellies and enough food to keep them fed for up to six months. The Original Jellyfish Tank JellyfishArt’s first desktop jellyfish aquarium was entrepreneurial ingenuity at its finest.”

The Monaco version is available for around $3000 US plus extras (ie. Jellyfish and food).

That’s cool and all, but a ‘moon jelly’ aquarium with flashing lights isn’t the same as a ‘comb jelly’ aquarium. Can’t we have true alien-like Ctenephora husbandry?

more later

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