Aug 222011

A couple of news articles I’ve come across recently… killer bears and crazy dictators? Looking forward to the trip! :/

A distraught mother listened on a mobile phone as her teenage daughter was eaten alive by a brown bear and its three cubs.

Olga Moskalyova, 19, gave an horrific hour-long running commentary on her own death in three separate calls as the wild animals mauled her.

She screamed: ‘Mum, the bear is eating me! Mum, it’s such agony. Mum, help!’

Her mother Tatiana said that at first she thought she was joking.

‘But then I heard the real horror and pain in Olga’s voice, and the sounds of a bear growling and chewing,’ she added. ‘I could have died then and there from shock.’


Reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Il toured a hydroelectric plant Sunday as his train traveled through Russia’s Far East on his first visit to the Cold War-era ally in nine years.

Kim crossed into Russia on his armored train Saturday at the invitation of President Dmitry Medvedev.


I’m going to use this weblog to record our travels back to Australia as often as I can find some wifi.

We’ll be leaving from Kings Cross St. Pancras in London and spend two months travelling overland by rail to Thailand via Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China and Laos.

Update… I’m going to use this weblog instead:

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